Sunningdale Heath Golf Club

Troika artwork

Sunningdale Heath were introduced to renowned graffiti artists Troika paint, to explore how they could collaborate to bring something unique to the Golf Club. 

Sunningdale Heath is always striving to create an inclusive and fun atmosphere at the club, what better way to do this than through art. Fair to say this has never been done at a Golf Club before. 

Troika have designed a fun piece of art that is full of inclusive images, inspirational people, amusing illustrations and colour in abundance.

From the start everybody involved knew how challenging this would be, something that had never been done before and that would really challenge. The vision was to create something that would showcase the clubs beliefs and at the same time put a smile on people’s faces, for children and adults to take inspiration from.

All of the hard work has clearly paid off, Troika have created something that achieves all that was set out and more.

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Cross Road, Sunningdale, SL5 9RX
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